Autumn Property News

11th October 2018

Autumn Property News

It’s no secret, the market is somewhat challenging and has been for quite a number of months.  In our part of Surrey we have experienced a prolonged period of price correction, which we have mainly attributed to the wider economic and political environment linked to Brexit uncertainty. 

Rest assured though, there is still significant activity. In fact, October was one of our busiest months. Since Jan 2018 we have arranges sales on 175 million pounds worth of property, testament to the fact that given willing buyers and sellers coupled with a proactive estate agent there is still a market!

Pricing a property correctly is absolutely crucial. We are finding that unless a price is perceived as attractive, buyers are just not interested.  Understanding the value of a property for todays’ buyer is key and an experienced agent will have an acute understanding of this. The good news is that once the tipping point is established we are seeing multiple offers and very engaged buyers. 

Mortgage rates are still very competitive, and we genuinely feel that now is an excellent time to buy a home and capitalise on very competitive borrowing and the correction in housing values. Indeed the latest 3 to 4 year forecasts for the residential markets are surprisingly encouraging.

Low key marketing is working well; this allows our clients privacy in their approach to the market, and doesn’t leave an internet trail.  This means that should a buyer not be found before Christmas, we can launch fully in the Spring market with no loss of impact.

Over our 200 years of trading we know that in a market such as we have now, positivity, proactive communication and a flexible attitude all contribute towards a successful sale.

If you would like to discuss our Low Key option or any other property related matter, please do not hesitate to get in touch.