COVID-19 Policy

24th February 2022

COVID-19 Policy As you will be aware, the Government have announced their plan for 'Living with Covid' and as of Thursday 24 February the rules in England will change. 

Positive test or symptoms of Covid-19
We would urge clients to inform us if they have symptoms, or have had a positive test result. National guidance suggests you self-isolate for at least five full days should you test positive or have symptoms. Above all we reserve the right to work with all parties and remain sensitive to individual requirements.  
Face coverings
Face coverings are no longer advised, however, can be worn through choice at any time.
Covid-19 mitigations
Maintaining good ventilation should remain a consideration in homes and workspaces. We will continue to provide sanitiser and masks whilst current stocks last.

We hope this clarifies expectations and reaffirms the importance of remaining vigilant during this transition period.

White & Sons

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Updated 24th February 2022.