Make the most of every viewing!

5th November 2019

Make the most of every viewing! Property transactions happen all through the year, but the shorter daylight hours during the autumn/winter months can present a few challenges which wouldn’t occur during the summer lighter months.  

This doesn’t mean you have to wait! If your property is currently on the market or you are thinking of selling now, here are a few tips from our very experienced residential sales teams which will help increase appeal to prospective purchasers.  

Madeleine Tomlinson, Dorking Office
Light brings warmth! If it’s a later viewing put the lights and table lamps on to create a warm cosy feeling.

Darren Giles, Oxted Office
Set the scene. Put the heating on and open all curtains to maximise the natural light coming in.

Stephanie Wheeler, Horley Office
Plump up your cushions to make the furniture look inviting. 

Mike Smith, Regiate Office
It might be an idea to invest in a few reed diffusers or some automatic air-fresheners, as the windows are open less during the colder months. 

Tom Witchell, Dorking Office
If your property has been on for a little while, it is sensible for your agent to refresh their external photographs to reflect the changing season. 

Loraine Mayo, Oxted Office
Gardens can start looking rather sad, as the trees start to shed, so it is well worth keeping on top of falling leaves to ensure that the very best first impression is created.

Philip Dale, Dorking Office
Make sure you get that final cut on the lawn before it gets too wet, making the gardens look good at this time of year can really lift the first impression of your property. 

Fiona Wood, Dorking Office
Creating kerb appeal is really important.  Take a look at your property from the front.  Could the front door do with a fresh coat of paint, perhaps the front hedge could do with a trim, maybe sweep up the fallen leaves or pull up the weeds poking through the drive.  Now is a really good time to give the front windows a wash.  These small improvements have a very big impact, not only for prospective purchasers, but also for marketing purposes.  

If you need some inspiration take a look through some home and interior magazines or do a quick internet search. 

If you need our help or advice, we’d love to discuss the marketing of your home. 

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