Spring Property News

4th May 2018

Spring Property News

As we enter a new season the local property market is considerably more positive than this time last year! 

The first quarter has proven to be more fluid and we are now seeing offers being made from buyers in proceedable positions, albeit they are still seeking properties which offer good value for money. Those sellers who were sitting on the fence last year, seem to be making decisions now, and there are healthy levels of stock across the board.  

Whilst there is definitely more optimism, pricing is still key.  Having an agent on-board that not only has a plan A, but a B and also a C in their back pocket is crucial.  The first two weeks of marketing are critical and will also give an indication as to whether a sellers expectations are realistic; again a good estate agent will let you know if your beliefs fit with the current market.      

Chain management still seems to be an issue. Whilst fall-through rates have improved on last year, it is still proving a challenge to effectively manage the chain so it reaches a satisfactory conclusion for all involved.  It really does take pro-active communication, experience and perseverance to ensure that a property exchanges. This is where our expertise really is invaluable to our clients. 

It’s all about getting the right strategy! Get this right and a property will sell.  Sometimes this process does take a little while, however, with patience and motivation on both sides a successful outcome should be achieved. 

If you are thinking of moving, or would simply like an update on the value of your home, please do not hesitate to get in touch; we would be delighted to hear from you.