How to Sell in Tough Times

13th June 2019

How to Sell in Tough Times

If you are considering selling your home, we want to reassure you that there is still a strong housing market, just one that requires considerable experience to work. It’s no secret the housing market has been a little muted over the last 12-18 months and to say that selling property has been challenging during that time, would be putting it mildly.  Reassuringly there are still plenty of committed sellers and many motivated buyers out there; our challenge has been to connect them!  

In an uncertain market bridging the gap between sellers and buyers becomes more intricate. Buyers naturally want to feel they have struck a good deal and bought well, while sellers of course want to feel they have maximised their asset.  Consequently, expert initial marketing advice has never been so important and this requires experience and a solid understanding of your local market.  

It is all well and good agreeing a sale, but holding the deal together can prove to be the biggest challenge of all and this is where our customers are finding the real value in our experience. 

There are some really excellent mortgage rates available at the moment, but lenders are also being quite bureaucratic. A good agent will have hands on experience in these matters and helping buyers navigate this process is vital.  

Building surveys and mortgage valuations often throw up issues, some serious but more commonly minor, but these can be really off putting to a buyer, cautious in this market. Again a knowledgeable agent will help mitigate the fallout from this, and in most instances, allay buyer concerns by providing solutions which hold the sale together. 

Towards the end of a protracted sale is where a skilled agent will become your biggest asset.  The sale of a property is taking on average up to four months.  During the final phase emotions can run high and a good agent will be an expert at calming things down and keeping the lines of communication open between all parties. 

We have seen a significant increase in activity during May and June with many new buyers registering, as well as a good number of new properties becoming available.  There has also been a positive increase in transactions across the property pricing spectrum.   

If you are considering selling your home you can put your trust in the value of our expereince. 

If we can be of any assistance, we would be delighted to hear from you.