Guide to Selling

Guide to Selling


Steps to Success

We have been selling properties since 1817 and as such we pride ourselves on our outstanding property knowledge. We have compiled a few top tips over 4 key topics.

1. Sell First or Buy First?

We often speak to people who will only look to sell their home once they have found what they are looking for, this has its advantages and disadvantages.

2. Maximising the Value

First Impressions Count. Creating kerb appeal is really important. Take a look at your property from the front, could the front door do with a fresh coat of paint, trim the front hedge, sweep up the fallen leaves, pull up the weeds poking through the drive or give the front windows a wash? If so, these little things really do help to make a good first impression.

3. Optimising Photos

At White & Sons we know the importance of great photos, videos and virtual tours when marketing a home. This is why we only work with the very best in their field.

4. Reducing Stress

Moving isn’t something we do every day, therefore, the learning curve can be steep. With emotions running high, at times, it can be quite stressful. In our experience there are a few simple things to remember, or that you can do in advance, which could really help relieve tensions.

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