Should I put in an offer?

19th November 2018

Should I put in an offer?

We are often asked, “Would they accept an offer”? 

In short, the answer to this is always YES.  

Selling a house isn’t an easy process, it’s a fine balancing act between a sellers expectations and buyers aspirations.  Ultimately a house is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.  

A good agent will be advising their client on a number of key aspects in this process.  

•Benchmarking - We will advise a seller on what price they should market their property, to ensure that it sits in line with the competition. Now, this sometimes doesn’t concur with what a seller needs or wants in order to make their onward move.  So, sometimes a property will go on at one price and be sold for another. 

•Finding the tipping point - Prices change constantly, it’s our job to keep in contact with our clients to reassess the marketing of their property.  This could mean that we have a difficult conversation regarding a price reduction, but in our experience, this is usually followed up by some increased activity. 

So, the reason we say yes to the offer question – buyer feedback is very import in this initial process.  Your offer may not be accepted, but if we begin the dialogue, then it’s the start to trying to find some middle ground. 

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