Rural Grants and Subsidies

Rural Grants and Subsidies

There are a range of Grants currently available for Farmers and Land Owners who are looking to carry out environmental work or simply improve productivity.

At White and Sons our Rural Property Team can offer expert advice on all agri-environmental and rural grants. We can advise on which schemes are most suitable for the applicant and ensure that the maximum benefit is achieved.

  • Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) With the BPS being phased out under the Governments Agricultural Transition Plan we are now within the de-linked period where farmers and land owners will be paid on their historic claims amounts. With the traditional claim no longer being required there is still a need to ensure that the delinked payments are accurate and paid appropriately.
  • Countryside Stewardship Scheme (CSS) CSS offers financial incentives to farmers and land owners for implementing environmentally beneficial practices. CSS is available in two tiers. Mid Tier Agreements last five years where Higher Tier agreements last for 10. Funding is for actions such as hedgerow management, low input grassland, wildflower plots, woodland creation, water quality improvement, and habitat restoration. There are currently 260 different options available under CSS.
  • Capital Grant  There are stand alone grants available for capital works for boundaries, water quality and air quality.
  • Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) The SFI is the first of the new Environmental Land Management (ELM). It aims to reward farmers for delivering sustainable farming practices that improve the environment and promote animal welfare. All SFI agreements will last for three years with payments made on a quarterly basis.
  • Local Nature Recover (LNR) The LNR component of ELM focuses on restoring and enhancing local ecosystems and biodiversity. It aims to create networks of habitats and green spaces that benefit wildlife and ecosystems.
  • Landscape Recovery (LR) The LR component of ELM aims to deliver large-scale landscape-level environmental improvements. It focuses on restoring and connecting habitats across broader geographical areas to enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services. Defra are currently piloting a number of sites.
  • Farm Investment Fund (FIF) The FIF is a financial support scheme aimed at assisting farmers and agricultural businesses in England with investments in equipment, infrastructure, and technology to improve productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. This includes the Slurry Infrastructure Grant which is becoming increasingly relevant with new Government Policy on Slurry Storage and water quality.
If you have any concerns or wish to discuss the available funding for farmers and land owners in Surrey & Sussex, please do contact a member of our Rural Services Team who can offer you expert advice.

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